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Eva C. Garrett, Ph.D.

Eva Garrett is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Boston University and a co-PI of the Sensory Morphology and Genomic Anthropology Lab. She has a broad interest in the evolution of sensory systems in primates, particularly the sense of smell. Her research integrates diverse fields including morphology, genomics, and paleontology to understand how humans and our closest relatives have evolved our unique sensory adaptations.

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Stephanie A. Poindexter, Ph.D.

Stephanie A. Poindexter is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Anthropology Department at Boston University. She is a member of the Sensory Morphology and Genomic Anthropology Lab via her mentor Dr. Eva Garrett. Her research interests include movement ecology in primates especially nocturnal primates (e.g., slow lorises), and sensory morphology with particular reference to olfaction. She also looks to understand how specific adaptations evolved and what they can tell us about the future of primates in this changing world.  

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Becca DeCamp

Rebecca (Becca) DeCamp is a current undergraduate in biological anthropology. She is a member of the Sensory Morphology and Genomic Anthropology lab, where she has worked on several projects under Dr. Eva Garrett. These projects include reconstructing vomeronasal traits for extinct primate species, quantifying olfaction genes in Saguinis tamarins, and collaborating with the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology department of Vertebrate Paleontology to work with their fossil primate specimens. Becca’s research interests are in human and primate evolutionary genetics, population genetics, and primate/hominin paleontology.

Email: rdecamp (at) bu (dot) edu