I am devoted to promoting scientific literacy, critical thinking, and a general enthusiasm about the sciences to as many people I can reach.  I have an extensive teaching record from my work in the City University of New York system, and have participated in short courses and public lectures. I enjoy working with students, and try to find ways to encourage learning by incorporating their individual talents in class assignments. 

Courses Taught

Introduction to Human Evolution, ANT 171. Lehman College

The integrated study of human evolutionary history, including a consideration of evolutionary theory, genetics, modern human variation, adaptation and anatomy, the behavior and paleontology of our close primate relatives, and the fossil record of human biological and cultural change.

Introduction to Human Evolution, ANTHP 101. Hunter College

Following a survey of synthetic evolutionary theory, major outlines of vertebrate evolution, and primate evolution and social behavior, the ancestors and near relatives of humans from the past 15-20 million years are evaluated in detail. Interpretation of human and a number of closely related hominid species focuses on the morphological, behavioral and socio- biological aspects of their evolutionary history. The adaptive significance of variability in living human populations is surveyed.

Introduction to Human Variation,  ANT 269. Lehman College

Considers how and why people differ physically within and between groups, the genetic and functional basis for these differences, and their significance for adaptation and survival. Topics range from skin, hair, and eye color differences to variations in body size and proportions, serological and biochemical differences, and growth pattern differences. Theoretical issues discussed include the concepts of race/clines, microevolution, and the continuing evolution of the human species.